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A brake fluid change should be done regularly.

Brake fluid absorbs water from the air. That’s why the boiling point decreases over its lifetime. The result is poor to no braking at all. You should change your brake fluid regularly to keep your brake system working efficiently.How to add brake fluid. Check the brake fluid level to ensure it is between the MIN and MAX marks on the reservoir. If the brake fluid level is under the MIN mark, see a qualified mechanic.

How to put in brake fluid and How to fill brake fluid. Before adding brake fluid, you should be aware that this is not usually necessary. There is no brake fluid consumption. Note that worn brake linings or a leak from the hydraulic system could be the reason for low brake fluid. Do not add brake fluid if the brake fluid reservoir is empty or if your brake pedal goes right to the floor. The brake system may have a leak. Don’t use your car until the problem has been repaired by a qualified mechanic.

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What’s the difference between brake fluid and power steering fluid?

They are made of different substances and have different purposes. Their viscosities are specifically adapted to each system, brake fluid to the brake system and power steering fluid to the steering system. The elastomers used in these systems are tailored to these special fluids and would be damaged in case of misuse. They should never be mixed.

What is power steering fluid used for?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid used in the steering system. The fluid runs through the power steering pump, which pushes the power steering fluid to help you turn the steering wheel.

How to add power steering fluid?

Locate the power steering fluid reservoir. It is usually on or near the engine in the engine compartment, and may be plastic. Wipe the reservoir with a clean cloth to check the fill level. There is no steering fluid consumption. The level should be between the Max and the MIN mark on the reservoir. If the fluid level is under the MIN mark, there may be a leak in the system. Please see a qualified mechanic. To keep your steering system in good condition, you should change the fluid occasionally. The steering system is a major safety feature of your car. Only qualified mechanics should work on it. Ask for Total products, such as TOTAL FLUIDE LDS, FLUIDE DA or LHM PLUS.