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Getting shortlisted is just the start of the job application. Next comes the nerve-wracking interview. To counter the jitters, here are some tips to help you nail the moment! 


1. Read up, especially on

Knowing some chunk details about the company would give the employer the impression that you’re really into the job. Being quite knowledgeable about the company's profile, history, line of business, etc. happen to be definite plus points.

2. Think about your career path at Total

Your short and long term goals matter to us. We would love to know your plans in the near future and in the long run. We wish to be part of your success wherever your journey takes you. 

3. Practice beforehand

“Practice makes perfect” is proven to be very effective over time. Being prepared is better than being sorry. After all, it doesn’t hurt to do a dry run of your answers whether alone or with a partner. 

4. Prepare your documents

Make sure to bring all the necessary documents that your soon-to-be employer might need - resumé, cover letter, transcript of records, reference list, and portfolio. Make sure to have enough copies of those. And of course, don’t forget to bring your most valuable pen!

5. Plan ahead

Days before the interview proper, decide already what you will be wearing. A formal business attire will always be ideal. Check as well the location of the job interview. Seek the help of Google Maps and Instant Street View. If you’re still unfamiliar, call the company and ask them the best route to get there or the most obvious landmarks surrounding their building.

6. Show us what you’ve got

Be very confident but honest with your answers. No need to lie, just tell all the facts. Exude certainty and cleverness. Highlight your skills, abilities, and what you can contribute to your team. Give them the conviction that you’re willing to learn and be trained to become a better professional in the corporate world. 

7. Check your social-media image

Having remained a buzz in the world of internet, social media has indeed become an overused platform where most people rely on to share and acquire information. That said, ensure that all your personal details are accurate and that your photos reflect a professional image.

8. Look the part

First impressions last. And they truly do. So be sure to look your best and dress with class as these can also pose some weight on the employer's overall evaluation. And don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile!

9. Ask questions, think about how to wrap up the interview

It’s good to be conversational in all occasions, especially during interviews. Communicate with the interviewer. Ask things that you would like to know further about the job itself and the company. Clarify things that you’re unsure of. After all, asking questions is one way to get the nerves out of you. Moreover, doing so implies that you're eager to sign the contract!