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Committed to you for a lasting relationship:


Every day, we work closer with you, by supporting you in the field.

Always attentive and available, we meet your current requirements and find the right solutions to your future needs.

We innovate for you and constantly enhance our range of products and services.

We make every effort to become a major global player, particularly by locating our production units as close to you as possible, to help develop your markets.

We offer products of unrivalled quality and purity:

At the cutting edge of innovation, we have developed unique expertise to deliver highly technical products that are efficient in many applications: in building and the automotive industry; in the production of tyres, ink, paint, silicone sealants and cosmetics; in water treatment and crop protection; in drilling fluids and a host of other applications.

TOTAL also offers special fluids for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications including electronics, cosmetics, printing ink distillates, crop protection, water treatments, and more.

In the Philippines, Total carries Banole, the leader in banana crop protection along with the Ketrul (solvents and diluents used in the extraction industry) and Spirdane (white spirit solvent used in the paint, degreasing, metal and lubricants industries) product ranges.