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Offer Your Property For Lease

Offering a rawland for lease:

  • Lease period of not less than 15 years
  • Area : Minimum of 600 sqm
  • Frontage :  Minimum of 25 meters
  • Located in a high vehicular traffic area (highway or secondary roads)
  • Classification:  Commercial or Industrial, Titled and with no encumbrance
  • Not in competition with any existing Total or Filoil stations

Offering an operating station for re-branding to Total:

  • Station area:  Not less than 600 sqm
  • Station frontage: Not less than 25 meters
  • No existing lease contracts (or expired) with other principals/brands
  • Proof of ownership of the improvements thru a Tax Declaration
  • Clean title, no encumbrances
  • Competitive branding pulled out by principal
  • Open for pure lease arrangement, or dealership tie-ups


We always go the extra mile when it comes to serving our customers. We understand how local communities and families depend on fuel every day, and that’s important. These principles help us set the standard for great service, affordable prices and high-quality fuel — and they help us deliver on our promise to you.

We want to bring these promises to you. If you have a property that meets these requirements, please fill out the form and submit.

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