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Offer Your Property For Lease

Offering a rawland for lease:

  • Lease period of not less than 15 years
  • Area : Minimum of 600 sqm
  • Frontage :  Minimum of 25 meters
  • Located in a high vehicular traffic area (highway or secondary roads)
  • Classification:  Commercial or Industrial, Titled and with no encumbrance
  • Not in competition with any existing Total or Filoil stations

Offering an operating station for re-branding to Total:

  • Station area:  Not less than 600 sqm
  • Station frontage: Not less than 25 meters
  • No existing lease contracts (or expired) with other principals/brands
  • Proof of ownership of the improvements thru a Tax Declaration
  • Clean title, no encumbrances
  • Competitive branding pulled out by principal
  • Open for pure lease arrangement, or dealership tie-ups