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Monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption through the card’s smart solutions.

  • Cardless Transactions
    Total Card is the first in the Philippines to offer cardless fuel transactions through RFID and a mobile app.
  • Online Portal For Fleet Management And Reports
    Download consumption reports and monitor mileage and transaction overrides through an online portal. You can also order and block cards, and set restrictions (time and day, velocity, product and value) via portal.
  • SMS Alerts For Card Holders And Fleet Managers
    Get notified when your account is nearing its credit limit.
  • Flexible Terms And Statement Cut-off
    Customize your billing intervals and payment terms according to your business needs.


Fuel your fleet with hassle-free transactions on site.

  • Single Consolidated Invoice
    Total Card consolidates all your card transactions for more efficient payment processing.
  • Hassle-free Transactions On Site
    Fuel your vehicles with ease in any Total gas station. Our friendly site staff is there to assist you every time you gas up using your Total Card.
  • Interest-free credit
    Ensure that your business keeps moving with our interest-free credit terms and lines


Get peace of mind with Total Card’s layered security features.

  • Always On SMS Alerts
  • Be notified immediately for any potential issues regarding your card usage. The SMS notification feature alerts the fleet manager in case of potential fraudulent transactions (e.g. transaction override, incorrect password).
  • Added Layer Of Security For Cardless Transactions
    RFID - Instead of a physical card, you may opt to avail of RFID tags to be attached to your vehicle/s for proper identification of individual drivers and vehicles.

    OTP - Add an extra level of authentication by enrolling your mobile number in the system to receive a One Time Password (OTP) every time you transact.

    Mobile App - Conduct and monitor transactions through the Total Card mobile app.

  • Pre-transaction Check On Site (P.I.C.O.)

    On-site staff are trained to perform a security check before every transaction. This includes inspection of the following:

    P - late Number (vehicle card)
    I - dentification (driver, driver-vehicle card)
    C - ard Details (card expiry, product restrictions, limits, and etc.)
    O - dometer Reading (vehicle card, RFID) or OTP Number – for those who are enrolled in OTP